Since its founding RICH have had numerous Successful interventions in the health promotion, Among them we can cite:

1. Advocacy and awareness raising interventions to engage religious leaders in health promotion: consultation meetings with high level religious leaders on their engagement in health promotion.

2. Establishment of district interfaith committees (in all 30 districts) for promotion of health.

3. Development of Sermon guides based on Holy Scriptures from the bible and Qur’an to support health intervention:

  1. Infant and maternal health sermon guide
  2. Early Childhood development sermon guide.

4. Active member of national, regional and international committees of health promotion

  1. Member of the steering committee of the International conference on Family planning.
  2. Member of the national health sector technical working group in Ministry of health
  3. Member of the early childhood development technical working group in MIGEPROF
  4. Member of the East African health platform
  5. Member of East African Interreligious council and chair of the Rwandan Interreligious council.
  6. Content advisory group (CAG) member of  ITETERO on integrated ECD messaging
  7. Content advisory group (CAG) member of URUNANA development Communication on health  messaging

5. Raising awareness on sexual and reproductive health rights, HIV, TB and Malaria’s prevention and response mechanisms:

  1. Counselling of married couples and discordant couples
  2. Awareness raising campaigns and trainings of youth on HIV, TB and malaria prevention
  3. Support to community health workers on spreading key messages to the general population.
  4. Organization of World AIDS day’s related activities in districts
  5. Training of peer educators on HIV, TB and Malaria

6. Organization and Participation in meetings, workshops and conferences at national and international level:

  1. Participation in the launching of the “ALL IN” campaign in Rwanda.
  2. Participation in the celebration of Worlds AIDS Day.
  3. Participation to the HIV, TB and Malaria NSP extenson workshop
  4. Development of HIV national operation plan (2018-2020)
  5. Joint supervision of activities funded by the GF
  6. Participation in PEPFAR country operational plan 2017
  7. Participation in the National Symposiums on early Childhood development.
  8. Participation in District Joint Action Development Forum (JADF)

7. Sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) awareness and Sexual and gender based violence prevention (SGBV) and response mechanisms:

  1. Awareness campaigns
  2. Engagement of community members through agent of changes and champions on SRHR and SGBV prevention and responses.
  3. Close collaboration and support to Isange One stop centers
  4. Psychological and financial support to SGBV victims